Sunday, August 30, 2009

Becca's Birthday Bag

I made this Miranda Day bag for my new sister in law for her birthday. It's the Miranda day bag pattern but I changed it a little with ideas from my mom's quilting group. This is so easy and fun to make, there are no pattern peices just measure and cut which is my favorite way to sew.

This is the closure in the front. Daisy's are my favorite flower.

The back side of the bag showing off the really cool handles.

The inside of the bag. You can see some of this fabric along the outside upper edge of the bag. You can use a different fabric for the pockets which go all around the inside but I chose not to. To make the bottom sturdy I got a large piece of fiberglass wall panneling (usually used in shower walls). I got it cut down to a smaller piece at Lowes and then my dad cut out pieces sized to fit the bottom of these style purses. And covered it with a sleeve of the same fabric to match. The pattern says to use a piece of cardboard but if your like me and always carry a book in your purse cardboard just isn't going to hold.

Did you happen to notice what it's hanging on? This is just another favorite part of my sewing room that my brother helped me remodel. (Full pictures to come soon).
They are coat hooks from Target. The back board is Espresso finished and the knobs (my favorite) are glass with an Amber color.
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  1. Very nice bag. I especially like the convenient pockets inside - makes it so much easier to find things. :)

  2. Very pretty! I'm sure Becca will love it. :)