Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday's all around

I know, I know another Frenchy bag.
My sister ordered one for her mother in law's birthday which was last weekend. I had some trouble picking out the fabric for a southern lady. I hope she liked it.
I ended up doing the inside a little differently. Why? because I messed up when ordering my fabric cuts. No harm done I learned this technique when I made the basket bag. I just took some of the outside fabric and used that for the outside of the pockets but the inside matches the pink lining. It was an oops that turned out better than expected.
So why the heading all the birthday's?
I had to make this purse for a birthday last weekend and this weekend is a little crazy cause I am celebrating my mom's birthday (which was the 25) with the family today, and it is my father in law's birthday today. Thanks so much to my husband's family for making his party tomorrow. That way I can celebrate both.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It snowed... A lot!

I don't know exactly how many inches of snow we got but It was enough to make quite a mess in NJ. Jake and I got a snow day from work and school which is a first for me in the 4 years i've been at the eye doctors office.

These are pictures of my backyard. It looks so pretty.

Jake had to take my kittie Katie out in it.

She obviously wasn't very happy about that.