Friday, January 22, 2010


No this blog isn't going to turn into an all about hair blog. This is just what i've been so busy doing lately.

This is what they call a bubble set. I put in rollers, let them sit then after I take them out I tease the whole head and lightly comb the top layers. I call it the helmet. Remember they teach us these things for technique cause I don't think I could convince anyone to get this style.

Sooo big!

This is it all combed out. I kinda like it this way. No I wasn't the one who burned her head. This head has been passed down to many classes.

I've been looking up some styles lately that I would like to try and my newest obsession is called Victory rolls. I tried once and failed but i'm getting some different opinions on how to be successful.

I read an article that says women adopted the style in the 1940's after a fighter plane maneuver celebrating the victory in WWII.

This is a style that I would love to do on somebody so if anyone is up for a change I get my permit in October and I will need volunteers for clinic.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

School Days

So we have to do some pretty old fashioned projects in school in order to learn certain techniques. This one is the french twist. The whole head of hair is teased then the top layer is combed into a twist omitting the front.

We had to add our own style to it so with the extra hair I did lots of large pin curls.

I call it the squirrels tail.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas gifts

Merry Christmas everybody!

This is Katie, the younger of my 2 kitties. You have to love the after holiday deals at Target which is where I found this cute little Santa hat for cats.

My husband and I and a few people in my family went to Boston to spend Christmas with my Aunt Roxanne and her family. Jake and I stayed an extra day and visited the city. We walked around a lot and eventually made our way to Faneuil hall for some very yummy lunch and then to the Aquarium.

They had so many neat fish. This is a type of seahorse I didn't even know existed.

We did a little shopping afterward while waiting for our shuttle. When our shuttle finally came we didn't know exactly where it would stop and ended up having to run after it.

I handmade most of the gifts this year. Starting off with cookies mmm... These are called Russian tea cakes. I love these cookies. I had them first at one of my aunts houses. They just melt in your mouth.

I am also a huge fan of gingerbread cookies.

I made this purse for my friend who lives in Las Vegas.

I gave Jake's aunt and uncle a tim of those cookies and I also made them pillow cases out of this fabric. I was so busy this year I forgot to take pictures of everything.

My neices Lauren, Cambria, and Brynna got one of these crochet hats. I bought the pattern off of Etsy from KrissysWonders.

I also made 5 pairs of pajama pants for my sisters and my brothers girlfriend but I will have to tell them to take pictures and send them to me.