Friday, January 22, 2010


No this blog isn't going to turn into an all about hair blog. This is just what i've been so busy doing lately.

This is what they call a bubble set. I put in rollers, let them sit then after I take them out I tease the whole head and lightly comb the top layers. I call it the helmet. Remember they teach us these things for technique cause I don't think I could convince anyone to get this style.

Sooo big!

This is it all combed out. I kinda like it this way. No I wasn't the one who burned her head. This head has been passed down to many classes.

I've been looking up some styles lately that I would like to try and my newest obsession is called Victory rolls. I tried once and failed but i'm getting some different opinions on how to be successful.

I read an article that says women adopted the style in the 1940's after a fighter plane maneuver celebrating the victory in WWII.

This is a style that I would love to do on somebody so if anyone is up for a change I get my permit in October and I will need volunteers for clinic.


  1. Hi Jenny,

    I like the Victory Rolls but I am really partial to the Squirrel Tail!

  2. I'm tempted to try that last hair style, but think I'm a little too chicken. :) Maybe by October I'll be less afraid.