Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas gifts

Merry Christmas everybody!

This is Katie, the younger of my 2 kitties. You have to love the after holiday deals at Target which is where I found this cute little Santa hat for cats.

My husband and I and a few people in my family went to Boston to spend Christmas with my Aunt Roxanne and her family. Jake and I stayed an extra day and visited the city. We walked around a lot and eventually made our way to Faneuil hall for some very yummy lunch and then to the Aquarium.

They had so many neat fish. This is a type of seahorse I didn't even know existed.

We did a little shopping afterward while waiting for our shuttle. When our shuttle finally came we didn't know exactly where it would stop and ended up having to run after it.

I handmade most of the gifts this year. Starting off with cookies mmm... These are called Russian tea cakes. I love these cookies. I had them first at one of my aunts houses. They just melt in your mouth.

I am also a huge fan of gingerbread cookies.

I made this purse for my friend who lives in Las Vegas.

I gave Jake's aunt and uncle a tim of those cookies and I also made them pillow cases out of this fabric. I was so busy this year I forgot to take pictures of everything.

My neices Lauren, Cambria, and Brynna got one of these crochet hats. I bought the pattern off of Etsy from KrissysWonders.

I also made 5 pairs of pajama pants for my sisters and my brothers girlfriend but I will have to tell them to take pictures and send them to me.

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  1. The pajama bottoms are very snuggly and cute, but I don't know that I'll be sending you a picture of me wearing them! :)