Saturday, March 27, 2010


So I had this substitute for 2 nights of classes this week who I like to call the drill sergeant. She kept mentioning that I am a perfectionist. I never realized this until she said something but she is absolutely right, and I think it's getting worse. Then I started thinking, hmm.. where did this come from? Mom and dad. In some ways you can say it's a gift but in other ways it is torture.
This is a quilt my mom made for me about 3+ years ago and I think it was one of her first. Now can you see where I get this problem from. This quilt is not only beautiful but it is perfection.

My most recent project in school. I did another fronch twist. I saw this picture in a magazine and I really wanted to replicate it so here is my first attempt. Of course it didn't turn out how I hoped but manikin hair is a whole other ball game.


  1. You can practice on my hair any time. :)