Saturday, January 24, 2009

Earth Cultured

You have to check out this seller on My brother Jesse just went out to visit some family and friends on the west coast. While in San Francisco he met up with an old friend we grew up with who makes these amazing neclaces. Her name is Nilufar and she learned to make them somewhere in the Himalaya's while traveling the world for a year. She gets the stones imported from india. This one shown in the picture is called a Rose Quartz, it's actually not mine it's my mothers but I borrow it all the time cause I love it. I can't wait to get one for myself and my fiance Jake.


  1. That's really pretty, what's Nilu's seller's name on Etsy? What's yours?

  2. Thanks Jen, I love your purses! Jesse didnt tell me you were crafting.
    I like your blog, and need to send you a big THANK YOU for including me in it!

    My Etsy store name is EarthCultured

    do you have an etsy store?
    I also just opened a store on under the same name.