Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simply smooth!

It has been forever since I blogged.
Here's a little update:
I'm going into my last semester of Cosmetology school in September, my husband and I just bought our first home last month and I haven't had much time to sew but I have been doing quite a bit of Crochet.

In school this past week my class asked for volunteers in this new Brazilian Keratin treatment for your hair called Simply Smooth Keratin treatment. This is normally at least a 3 hour process that costs about $300 in a salon, that I got free. It is supposed to take out about 50-60% of curl in the hair and completely take out frizz. Not that I don't love my curls, but it is nice to have a change.
I got the treatment on Thursday night and I can't wash my hair for 4 days after. I'm going so crazy here that i've started putting baby powder in my hair so I don't look totally gross. And I still have 2 more days to go. Oh well! This is what we have to do for beauty. Anyway, when I do finally get to wash my hair Monday night, I have to use products that are Sulfate, salt, and Formaldehyde free. There are no chemicals in the treatment so it's actually really not too bad for the hair. It's supposed to last for 12-16 weeks as long as I use the correct products and don't over wash my hair.

Here's the before picture

And the after.

P.S- i'm thinking of changing my blog name. Any ideas?


  1. Very pretty! So funny how much it changes the way you look...makes you look more like me. ;)

  2. I was thinking of doing this treatmeant how long did it last for you? Did u miss ur curls???? Is ur hair straight or curly now? Jodi.

  3. It lasted about 6 weeks, but I never got the chance to find out how long it would have gone because my hairdresser used the wrong shampoo on me. I did like it though, because it didn't take out all the curl. I still had to spend about 45 minutes straightening after I washed it, but that was a lot better than 1-2 hours before. I'm back to my curly hair, I like it this way so much better. If you want one that takes out the curl almost completely, get the Coppola keratin treatment. I know someone that gets it and the before and after are strikingly different.