Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something Blue

As some of you may know my wedding is coming up a week from today. My 2 aunts have been very busy little bees. My aunt Marsha is making all of my favors and i'm sure she will post them on her blog at My aunt Roxanne has been busy making this beautiful garter for me. She knitted this up in just a few short weeks and I love it. Thanks for all your help.


  1. That came out so nice! I've been feverishly working on something for you too, but you probably know that by now - :)


  2. So pretty! We have such talented aunts! :)

  3. How lovely, I knit with your Aunt Roxanne here in Massachusetts and she does LOVELY work. I hear it was a wonderful day. Congratulations.

    Liza the Blogless