Monday, December 8, 2008

Hearts will be glowing

Tis the Season
Every year I make ornaments out of polymer clay. Usually I just give them to friends and family. My grandparents have been collecting them since I was a kid. I have made pumpkins, flowers, snow men all dressed up, etc... This past year I was working on a summer scape but due to my recent addition of two kitties most of it didn't survive.

That's where my little rubber duckie came from.
He is so happy just relaxing on his Lochness Monster floatie he will
look great on any tree and remind you of summer every time you look at him.

This little cutie could be known as Rudolph or one year I made him for someone who collects
Moose. Maybe next year he will be joined by some friends and tug Santa in his sleigh. Unfortunatly unlike rubber duckie and Santa he won't be for sale this year. I gave him to my brother who lives in a rustic looking cabin. I thought this would look great on his tree this year.

Here comes Santa Claus. He is a yearly favorite. I have made
many like this. Old fashioned Santa is wearing a red hood with
gold rope around the edge. Unlike the usual red hat I think he is
much more attractive with the red hood.

I've included a side view so you can se the back of his hood.

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  1. Your ornaments are wonderful! Visiting by way of Marsha at cutestuffinside... Welcome and Happy New Year!